Canada Women's Expo

Exhibit Theme Areas

Exhibit Theme Areas

Our show features nine popular theme areas, including Beauty, Health & Wellness, Fashion & Style, World of Taste, Vegan & Sustainable, Artisans Marketplace, Home & Design, Travel, and Careers. Each theme area offers exhibitors an opportunity to showcase their products and services to a diverse audience of engaged and enthusiastic women. Our show’s attendees come with strong purchasing power and a desire to discover and experience new products, making our theme areas the perfect place to promote your brand and engage with potential customers.


Experience a world of indulgence in skincare, makeup, and beauty products. Meet industry experts and watch live demos. Connect with influencers and discover the latest trends and techniques.

Health & Wellness

Embrace a healthier lifestyle with exhibits featuring the latest in nutrition, wellness, and fitness products. Take advantage of interactive workshops and wellness zones for a truly immersive experience.

Fashion & Style

Meet designers and stylists who’ll help keep you on-trend with the latest in fashion and style. From affordable basics to designer labels, our exhibitors offer a wide range of clothing and accessories for every style and budget.

World of Taste

Satisfy your palate with a variety of food and drink exhibitors, from local artisanal products to international cuisine. Try new and exciting flavors, discover unique products, and connect with food industry experts.

Vegan & Sustainable

Discover ethical and sustainable products that make a difference in the world. From eco-friendly fashion to plant-based food and cruelty-free beauty products, explore the latest innovations and trends in ethical living.

Artisans Marketplace

Get your Christmas shopping done early! The Artisans Marketplace celebrates all things crafty, unique and Canadian featuring a unique shopping experience for handmade products: gourmet foods, crafts, jewellery, and more!

Home & Design

Explore the world of design, décor and lifestyle. Featuring top home décor exhibitors, unique products and services, this is the perfect place to discover new ideas and inspiration for your living space.

Travel & Adventure

Experience the world of adventure and explore exotic destinations, all while meeting with expert travel advisors and companies who will help you make your dream trip a reality. The world is at your fingertips!


Discover local entrepreneurs and small business owners and support their endeavors. Shop unique products and services, connect with passionate business owners, and help drive the local economy.