Canada Women's Expo

Celebrities and Speakers

Our celebrities and speakers in 2023 are listed below. Please check back in April 2024 for this year’s line-up of speakers!

Tessa Virtue

Tessa Virtue skated into the hearts of people around the world when she became the youngest ice dance champion in Olympic history at the 2010 games alongside her on-ice partner, Scott Moir. The winner of three Olympic gold medals — and five Olympic medals in total — she is the most decorated female figure skater in Olympic history.

Tessa announced her retirement from skating in 2019, and has since earned an MBA from the Smith School of Business, and has graduated with a Masters of Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania.

Additionally, she is a fierce advocate for female empowerment, while also possessing a passion for mental health, wellness, fashion, and beauty. Tessa was inducted into the Canada Walk of Fame in 2018 and named to the Order of Canada in 2020.

Anna Olson

Anna Olson may be Canada’s baking sweetheart but she’s an accomplished savoury chef as well, and with her positive and common-sense approach in the kitchen, she has become one of the country’s most recognizable television chefs.

Appearing for two decades on Food Network Canada with shows like “Bake with Anna Olson” and now series such as “Great Chocolate Showdown”, her audience has expanded globally through broadcast television. Anna’s Oh Yum YouTube channel, which now has over 1.4 million subscribers, features her classic content, livestreams and fresh series such as “Food Travel Diaries”, and her substantial social media audience is engaged and interested in her cooking, baking, and travel adventures.

Her most recent book, “Baking Day”, earned a Gold Medal at the Taste Canada Cookbook Awards, and her newest cookbook, “Baking Wisdom” is hot off the presses.

Aeryon Ashlie

Aeryon Ashlie is the founder of Aeryon Wellness Supplements, Holistic Nutritionist, Keynote Speaker and #1 Best Selling Author.

With a mission “Empower Women with Holistic Health.” Her award winning, female focused, scientifically formulated, support supplements are a result of 20+ years of personal experience with hormonal imbalance, weight management, stress, and sleep issues. In Dec 2021, Aeryon Wellness was featured on CBC’s Dragons Den for the cutting-edge use of QR codes on her labels. Each product provides a complete wellness program that is designed to educate and support women on their wellness journey.

She resides in Vancouver, BC with her daughter and 2 Poodles.

For more on products, books, or upcoming events please visit www.aeryonwellness.com

Dr. Jewel Alfoure

Dr Jewel is a dedicated Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine who is known for her unwavering passion and commitment to delivering evidence-based natural medicine with a compassionate touch.

With an extensive background in medical sciences, Dr Jewel is committed to staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in the field. During her time at The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, Dr Jewel had the opportunity to work with a diverse patient base, which helped her develop a multi-dimensional approach to optimal health. Through caring for patients with mental health issues, female/ male health concerns, endocrine imbalances and immune system disorders, Dr Jewel has built a medical foundation based on compassionate care.

Dr Jewel’s approach to patient care emphasizes the importance of connecting with her patients and understanding their unique perspectives in order to navigate them toward a comfortable and satisfying journey to wellness. She is committed to helping her patients stay balanced, so they can confidently navigate life’s journey. As a lifelong learner, Dr. Jewel is continuously seeking ways to enhance her practice and share her knowledge with others.

Janice Low

Janice is a physiotherapist, kinesiologist, and former Special Olympics coach who is passionate about helping people take control of their recovery and return to the activities that they love — or start doing the things they never thought they’d be able to do!

She understands what it’s like to live with pain. As a thrill-seeking, extreme-sports-loving weekend warrior, she has injured almost every joint of her body and developed osteoarthritis thanks to high-speed skiing, downhill mountain biking, breaking her kneecap in half,and three severe car accidents. Physiotherapy has helped her to heal fully from each of these injuries and get back to rollerdance, crossfit, and the slopes. Now she imparts this insider information to her patients.

Her 5 step arthritis program has helped countless patients go from thinking they were too old to do the things they love, to reducing their pain by 50-100% during their favorite activities.

Gilly Thomas

Gilly Thomas has worked in private practice for over 20 years as a bodymind therapist and facilitated numerous workshops in North America. She has therapeutic certifications in: the Rubenfeld Synergy Method, Psychodrama, and Craniosacral Therapy and an academic background in Nursing, Psychology and Education.

Gilly has developed Somatic Affective Talk and Touch (SATT), a unique therapeutic approach, through years of training and experience working with the bodymind.

Gilly currently enjoys living in the Okanagan. Her passion is teaching others SATT through a training program for professional therapists and interested individuals. Gilly offers one on one sessions in a private practice.

Jessica Cerato

Former corporate executive turned intuitive healer, Jessica Cerato has been immersed in numbers for decades. As a Certified Numerologist and Energy Strategist, she translates the energy of dates, numbers, and patterns into everyday language to help you feel more confidence and joy.

Jessica offers personal readings, numerology courses, and energy strategy to clients around the world. When she’s not playing with numbers, you can find her with her family in the forest, by the ocean, or dancing in her kitchen in North Vancouver, British Columbia Canada.

Rakhi Bhatnagar

I call myself a breast cancer THRIVER. An influencer with 30K + followers and growing on Instagram (handle @surreal_styles) and my passionate initiative to empower women & fostering body positivity leading through my example as a complete mastectomy survivor, where I showcase wearing same clothes in different styles .. up cycling as lack of breasts do not limit me in anyway !

Very passionate about sustainable fashion & handmade clothes /accessories supporting artisans & up cycling. Most of the clothing line at Femantraa is directly sourced from a team of talented artisan women in india who are also domestic abuse survivors . At Femantraa we are weaving hopes, dreams and a life of dignity for women.

Meena Jagpal-Pare

Meena Jagpal-Pare is a Classical Feng Shui Master, Energy Clearing Guide, Manifestation Coach, Professional Speaker, and Founder of Momentum Feng Shui. Her practice is unique because she combines Classical Feng Shui techniques with spirituality to help countless people, locally and internationally, uplevel their lives and manifest their dreams.

She supports her clients by helping them heal their space, mind, and heart so her client can experience the balance of harmony, healing, and joy in their lives with the guidance of Classical Feng Shui principles. She helps people struggling with any level of stress, overwhelm, financial blocks, or relationship challenges, and helps them bring back positive energy and abundant vibes into their lives, homes, businesses, and beyond.

Meena Jagpal-Pare

Kristi Stuart is an award-winning entrepreneur. She grew her first business to become one of the 5% of female founded companies that had multi-million-dollar revenues and became Canada’s largest female founded and owned fitness brand.

Unfortunately, Covid forced an extreme pivot of both her business and her personal life. In Feb 2022, Kristi launched a personal training business which expanded to include nutrition counselling and in May 2023, she launched Inner Wellth, the first supplement line dedicated to alleviating perimenopausal symptoms and increasing lean muscle mass in women.

Kristi is a highly respected and trusted nutrition and fitness expert, has a BSc in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, is a Certified Menopause Support Practitioner and has completed her Certification in both Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching from the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

In her very limited spare time, Kristi enjoys walking her dogs, relaxing with her husband and hanging out with her two teenage children (when they let her)!

Christine Holubec-Jackson

Christine is a multiple hemorrhagic stroke and brain surgery survivor. Like many people, she never thought it could happen to her. A stroke can strike anyone at any age. The impacts from stroke have long tendrils that affect so many more than just the person afflicted.

Before her stroke Christine was a metallurgist technologist working in a steel mill and an advocate for women in non-traditional roles. She was a marathon runner and loved having adventures with her family from caving, white water rafting, and skiing. She also played bass guitar in two bands. Stroke changed her life in an instant.

Christine openly talks about all the losses from this life altering event including family challenges, loss of career and even her identity to discovering the gifts within all the trials and tribulations and valuable life lessons. Through all she has learned, Christine is realizing how connected we all are, that we are all students and teachers in life. She encourages everyone to share their own narrative, “We all have a story to tell.”

Christine has written two personal memoirs, two children’s books, with a brainy superhero, hosted a podcast series, and shares her story wherever she can. Her work is dedicated to building stronger connections while encouraging everyone to share their own story. Christine’s message includes insights into life with a brain injury and finding hope, resiliency, and our own personal superpower even in the face of overwhelming challenges.

Kathryn Brown

Kathryn Brown is a passionate and driven faith-based entrepreneur, dedicated to empowering individuals to reclaim their health and well-being. With a diverse background in coaching leadership, mindset, and nutrition, Kathryn has become a source of inspiration and guidance for those seeking transformation through plant-based superfoods.

After successfully navigating her own personal journey of resilience, Kathryn made the courageous decision to depart from the corporate world and embark on a mission to make a positive impact. Thus, Take Back Your Health was born. Through her organization, she wholeheartedly supports others in reclaiming their health, regardless of the setbacks or traumas they may have faced.

Kathryn’s unwavering commitment, combined with her extensive knowledge and experience, enables her to create a safe and nurturing space for growth and healing. She empowers individuals to unleash their full potential and discover the transformative benefits of a plant-based lifestyle.

Driven by her faith, Kathryn firmly believes that everyone deserves to live a life of abundance and vitality. Her dedication to helping others on their journey towards holistic wellness is a testament to the power of resilience and the incredible impact one individual can have.